Sandra made us a replica of a cake direct from the Marvel Universe.  It was so good the original artist re-tweeted it to his followers.  Besides being artistically accurate, it was delicious.  I'd say it was a shame to eat it, but c'mon, it's cake! - Lysa

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"Having taken all four Wilton courses and an advanced course with Sandy, I can tell you that it was a hoot and a half! She showed us all sorts of terrific tips, tricks and techniques. I love how much she enjoyed me going off on my own, reading ahead, and trying stuff that she hadn't even plan to teach! She just dove right in and helped me figure out how to do things that I wanted to do. Her advanced class was very collaborative, with all of us choosing together what we wanted to learn, and working together to make it happen. We even accomplished creating 'challenge cakes' that we didn't know we could do! Sandy was a terrific guide in all of that! And she made it a lot of fun too!" Vienna Hagen