Sandra Quigley had enjoyed the hobby of decorating cakes for friends and  family

for over a decade when one of her best friends asked her to make his wedding cake. 

She decided it was time to learn formal techniques and so took a series of Wilton

Method Cake Decorating Courses at her local JoAnn's. Her technique and affinity

toward teaching quickly led to her becoming an independent Wilton Method

Instructor at the same JoAnn's a month before the wedding cake, pictured at right,

was due. The completed cake for the comic-collecting couple met with such rave

reviews that mutual friends and family started placing orders. As word of mouth

spread both her class sizes and cake orders grew exponentially. Soon she had earned

the Wilton Award for Highest Enrollment in the Northeast multi-state region for the

third quarter of 2012. ​​

     Sandra was so inspired by the joy of creation and of teaching the art of cake to

others she started her own business dedicated to the art of bringing people's

imaginations to edible life! Her passion for creation and her love of people culminated in her greatest joy - creating an edible centerpiece for the most joyous ​days in her clients lives.

​     You see the talent,  you taste the love. ​​



    Sandra has also combined her love of gaming with her love of baking and has come to be known in local gaming circles as 'The Gamers Baker'.  She can be found annually vending gaming themed cupcakes at such gaming conventions as Councel of Five Nations, Total Con and DexCon, among many more.


     Sandra offers private beginner and advanced classes in cake design as well as Continueing Education Classes through a local High School.



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