Wilton "Tall Cakes" - Tiered Cake Building Class

Prerequisite:  Course 1 - Decorating Basics

In one three-hour class, you'll learn the techniques to build tiered cakes tall and sturdy. You'll learn how to stack cakes and properly support them using dowel rods.  You'll learn how to build cakes separated with pillars and tips for decorating, serving, storing and transporting tiered cakes.  Students have the choice to build a tall tiered cake either stacked or separated with pillars.

Saturday January 5th 12:30 to 2:30pm

Some pre-class preparation is required.  See the supply for everything needed for this class.  Please prepare the following at home and bring to class:

  •  10" double layer cake, leveled and iced smooth* and placed on a 14" doubled cake circle covered with fanci-foil (no aluminum foil please).  Your cakes must be level.
  •  6" double layer cake, leveled and iced smooth* on a 6" cake circle.
  •  Flowers of your choice, made at home and ready to place on your cakes.

*Optional:  If you have taken Course 3, you are welcome to cover your cakes in fondant at home and bring them to class ready to decorate.  Your cakes must be level.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.



For beautiful tiered cake ideas, see                      ,                          , and               


Be creative!  You can alter the colors of wedding cake designs to use for other occasions too!