Course 2

How to Get Ready For Each Lesson of Course 2:


Please arrive a few minutes before each class to unpack and set up your work space according to the "Getting Started" page for each lesson.  As a courtesy to everyone, please set your cell phone to vibrate or turn it off.

Bring to each lesson:

    Your Course 2 Lesson Plan (book), contents of your Course 2 Student Kit and practice sheets.  The practice sheets for this class come in the Decorating Basics kit.  If you do not have them, please print the Class Practice Sheets and bring them to class.  I highly recommend laminating the practice sheets to protect them from grease.

    Plastic bags to bring home your used decorating supplies.

    Apron, pen, sticky notes

    Reusable, disposable cloths (dampened) for clean up.

    Toothpicks, scissors, tape

    A container to transport home your flowers for each lesson.  See "Tips for transporting your flowers safely" on the bottom of page 13.  You will also need your cake carrier for the final cake in the 4th lesson..