Course 1, Lesson 4

follow directions on Page 31.

  • You need to make 2 batches of class buttercream icing (medium and thin) for this class.  Measure out quantities needed, make your consistencies and color icing as listed on page 31.  Follow Class Buttercream recipe on page 7 with alterations discussed in class 1.
  • Please do the "spatula test" (bottom of page 7) to check if your icing consistencies are correct.
  • Prepare your bags at home with the tips and couplers.  If you are comfortable with your consistences you can go ahead and fill your bags.  If not sure, please bring the bags unfilled and have Sandra check your consistency in class.

          Thin, with coupler, tip 3

          Stiff, with coupler, tip 12

          Stiff, with coupler, tip 104

Optional:  Bring in                                  , and Sandra will show you how to make your roses even more fantastic! Hint: Put the cake sparkles in a baggie & roll with a rolling pin to make it into a fine powder before bringing to class.