Course 1, Lesson 3

Follow directions on Page 23.


  • It is optional but recommended that you bring a glue stick.  A "Repositionable" glue stick (found in the scrapbooking aisle) works the best. 
  • Bring in extra powdered sugar and a water bottle just in case we need to fix your consistencies.
  • You will be making 2 batches of class buttercream icing (one batch medium and one batch thin) for this class. Color icing at home as listed on page 23.  Follow Class Buttercream recipe on page 7 with the alterations we discussed in class 1.
  • Please do the "spatula test" (bottom of page 7) to check if your icing consistencies are correct.
  • Bring your icings to class in airtight containers.  Sandra needs to check your consistencies before you fill your bags.
  • Prepare your bags at home with the tips and couplers. Do not fill the bags.  After Sandra checks your icing consistencies, you can fill your bags in class:

    Medium Consistency:

    Light Blue - with coupler, tip 18

    Dark Blue - with coupler, tip 16

    Yellow (or color of your choice for making flowers) - with coupler, tip 233

    Yellow (or color of your choice)  - NO coupler, tip 2D

    White - with coupler, tip 3 [will switch with 12 & 21]

    White - NO coupler, tip 1M


  • Don't try to put the bismark (long) tip in a bag.  Sandra will show you how to do that one in class.

Optional: The Wilton                                      helps keep your multiple icing bags organized in class, and also has a spot to put your flower/cupcake nails.