Course 1, Lesson 2

Please read through Lesson 2 in your book, pages 18 - 22.


Follow "Getting Ready for Lesson 2" directions in your book on Page 17.

  • You also need to bring in a container of Piping Gel.
  • Bake and cool your cake at home.  Refer to page 5 and make sure you follow all steps as well as those we discussed in class.  Also see the note under "Helpful Hints" on page 17.
  • You need to make 2 batches of white icing (one batch medium and one batch thin) for this class.  Follow Class Buttercream recipe on page 7 with the alterations we discussed in class 1.
  • Please do the "spatula test" (bottom of page 7) to check if your icing consistencies are correct.
  •  Bring your icings to class in airtight containers.  Sandra needs to check your consistencies before you fill your bags.
  •  Bring in extra powdered sugar and a water bottle just in case we need to fix your consistencies.
  • Bring in Wilton Gel Icing Colors to color your icing in class.  You cannot use liquid food coloring - the liquid will alter your icing consistency.